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Planning on Doing your own Lawn?

Middlesex Lawn care and mowing by Blue Line Lawn care

Lawn Care Home Seminars

- Get to know your soil. Is it clay, loom or sandy? Soil affects your turfs growth. Growth starts at the base.

- Fix underlying issues- Disease, Fungus, Harmful Pests

- Know the best grasses for your region- KBG. TTF, Rye

- Seed correctly the first time to avoid overlapping

- Feed your Turf the correctly based on season, and temperature.

- Fight back weeds before they take over. What to use and when.

- Mow tall for a full healthy lawn. Learn what height can do for you.

- Understand how water affects your Turf both positively and negatively.

Not sure on how to start? Let Us Help You.

Yard Project Design

 - Total project planning from start to finish.

 - We can help you design your new look for your yard.

 - We can also help you choose all of the materials you'll need to complete your new landscaping project.

 - We will pick up all of the planting materials from our wholesale growers and deliver them right to your property.

 - We'll even help you with all of the planting, mulching, trimming, and whatever else you need help with.

grass seeding by Blue Line Lawn Care Middlesex NJ
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